Road Trip: Montana to Salt Lake City

“That’s why I love road trips, dude. It’s like doing something without actually doing anything.” –John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

Turns out my wish for a road trip and my need to pursue a work opportunity happened to coincide in the best possible way. I was headed to Salt Lake City on a solo trip, and although it would be over 8 hours of driving time (including the brief stops along the way), I was really looking forward to it.

If you’ve looked at any of my other posts on travel, it’s pretty clear that I always enjoy a good road trip, and growing up in Montana where towns and cities are very far from each other, I’m no stranger to driving by myself for a full day to get to my destination.  Continue reading


Skalkaho Pass: What your map and GPS won’t tell you

“Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”—Theodore Roethke

I’d been fortunate to embark on many quick weekend trips around in 2014. Now that it’s April of 2015, I’m itching to break out of this cold weather slump and embark on a few road trips. It’s easy to stick to the main highways and Interstates when your destinations are city-to-city in Montana, but last year I found myself visiting a number of small towns and rural areas that are further ‘off the beaten track’. Continue reading

Thanks Day #1

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” –Melody Beattie

It’s exactly one week before America celebrates Thanksgiving Day. It’s more than a big family gathering, a giant feast of delicious home cooking, or the following day’s Black Friday shopping adventure. It’s a time for honest reflection on the many blessings we have… and when you really stop to think about it, we all have a lot of them!

Thinking beyond the material, I’d like to share some of the most prominent experiences and relationships that I am blessed to call my own, and I want to recognize each of these one day at a time. Continue reading

What’s there to do in Montana?

“I gotta be where I can see those Rocky Mountains, ride my horse, and watch an eagle fly.” —Chris Ledoux

It’s the kind of question I’ve been asked many, many times in my young life. It’s the question I both welcome and dread when someone finds out where I’m from. It’s what makes this state “The Last Best Place.” It’s what most East Coast and Midwest folks seem to have a hard time understanding, what Southern Hospitality comes very close to, and where many Californians like to come to get away. It’s why I keep coming back here.  Continue reading