Oh, Chester, Have You Heard About HOBY?

“Ohhh, Chester, have you heard about HOBY? Just got back from HOBY. I hear they know how to wear their tags. Hip-hip, Hooray! for HOBY!”

It might be striking to you at first when you see a bunch of high school students tromping around a university campus in different brightly colored t-shirts.

The singing and chanting might remind you of a cheerleading camp, though you’ll wonder why on earth teenagers would sing about burritos, baby sharks, or pterodactyls.

If you observe long enough, you might even pause to wonder what “Boom-chicka-boom” could actually mean, why every single person knows how to spell “outstanding”, or what they could possibly be summoning when all 100+ students holler “Waaay-a-loo-waaay-a-loo-waaay-a-loo-way-yah!!”  Continue reading


Long Jump Memories and an Unforgettable Mentor

“Fire up. Fire up right now. You can do it, now get after it.” –Merwin G. (Merv) Smith

I was going through old photos the other day when I rediscovered one taken in 2008 from my high school track and field days. I was a sprinter and a long jump athlete, and to me there was nothing better than that feeling of running fast, leaping out into the air, and feeling like you could fly.

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New Years Cheers and My Upcoming, First-ever Family Vacation!

“It is a chiché that most clichés are true, but then like most clichés, that cliché is untrue.” –Stephen Fry

Are you done with all the New Years clichés by now? Christmas was barely over and that’s all I was seeing: resolutions, goal setting goals, goodbyes to 2014 and hellos to 2015.

These are all fine and dandy, but this kind of approach doesn’t really suit me. (Clearly, since it’s already mid-January and I went above and beyond in missing the bandwagon for this one.)

I admire those of you who got down to business with goal setting before New Years Eve. I’m usually still reeling from the holiday festivities by then, and I rarely secure a moment of quiet during that post-Christmas time. Forget having the chance to even think about making good resolutions. Operating on my own time table, my style drifts more toward  Continue reading

Learning from Younglings (A Mentor’s Tribute to Upward Bound)

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” —Bob Proctor

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-JttD1AlLpfg/UA86Xaq_HwI/AAAAAAAAABM/sYlakmdusWg/w140-h83-p/IMG_6688b.jpgHow do you know if you are called to be a mentor? And what does it really mean to be a mentor?

When I began my summer job this year as a Resident Assistant for the Upward Bound 2012 Summer Academy at the Montana Tech campus, I knew that I would be placed in a mentoring position. One of the advantages I had was Continue reading